Business Planning and Budgeting are just as crucial within small entities as within large corporations.

Business Planning and Budgeting, fall to the Financial Controller and Management Accountant in large corporations, but are just as crucial within small entities.

Business plans are often required on starting up an organisation (for banks, committees, stakeholders), and should be completed on an annual basis for all ongoing entities.

The budgeting process is a particular favourite as the Finance RepresentativeĀ gets involved with each function within an organisation, understanding their processes, requirements and areas for improvement or cost cutting. Pulling it all together to make a global plan which works for the business as a whole and each section takes skill and negotiation. The end budget and business planĀ is a reference for business decisions for the following 1-5 years.

An external consultant preforming this exercise adds objectivity, great communications skills and an essential overview element, to what is otherwise a the time consuming task for any company.